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Feel Good Everywhere

At Full Circle Acupuncture and Wellness, we restore the mind and body to health.

Naturotherapy for the Body & Mind

At Full Circle Acupuncture and Wellness, we believe that restoring health can only be achieved through taking care of your emotional and mental well-being in addition to the physical needs.


In our clinic,  our trained naturotherapists incorporate dietary and  lifestyle advice as a means to maintaining good overall health. Since every client and situation is unique, we encourage you to book an appointment with us to discuss your  naturotherapy options.

Naturotherapy Options in St. John’s
Prevention is important to maintaining a healthy life. Naturotherapy focuses on preventive health practices, offering a holistic approach to health that is based on non-invasive proven treatments. At Full Circle Acupuncture and Wellness, we offer naturotherapy to St. John’s clients who want to minimize their use of modern medicine with its focus on surgery, pills, and medications.

At Full Circle Acupuncture and Wellness, we emphasize the use of non-invasive treatments that are tailored to your specific condition and needs. For more detailed information on how naturotherapy can help you, please book an appointment with us today.

Reiki therapy is the Japanese tradition of “laying hands” on a patient to treat areas of the body that might have low life force energy. It is a non-invasive bodywork technique that helps to reduce stress and promote healing. 


Reflexology is the gentle manipulation or massage of reflex points on the feet or hands that correspond and produce a healing effect on other places or systems in the body. Reflexology is a natural and effective way to reduce anxiety and pain.

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